Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After Christmas!!

Ok so another day of SUNSHINE!
We took the bus toward The Exploratorium and stopped to hike up Lombard St.

We saw this house on the way that we wanna day when we're rich.

this was our view ontop of Lombard St. I love it.
I found this bum on the street and i thought he was really sexy. So i picked him up and we went to Ghirardelli Square.

This is for my Michele Bogren....Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate.
on the way to the bus i saw this window and wanted to do a quick photo shoot of eric.....
but while take his picture we almost missed the bus.. Look at Eric Run!

We made it to the exploratorium with time to explore before our reservations at The Tactile Dome.

The Tactile Dome was SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!
Turn up my headphones... for real.

I found Eric carved on the street.

This lady cracked me up. She has huge headphones on and shes trying to dance. The video doesn't really do the experience justice.

After some bus transferring, we finally reached our nighttime destination(since we hadnt had a legit meal all day) CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN! Not only is the food there absolutely delicious, but that's where Eric and I went on our first date. Anyways, we ate well and then went back to the hotel to relax and pass out.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

On Christmas morning we went to Mels Diner.
I liked it.
and i like Erics face here.
Then we tried to find the Cable Cars but instead found some very interesting people.
And this cool wall.
And this "dead" homeless man.
and The Best Nuts in town.
We finally caught the bus after hours of walking around San Fran.
and i found my underwear in China Town.
and a really sexy man.
i caught you old man!!!!
We walked around China Town for awhile..
it was like being in China. ?
Eric took this picture that i really really like.
We took the Cable Cars back to the hotel.

and ate Thai Food for lunch! :)

Later we went and had dinner at Chevy's and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and i really loved it. The End.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in San Francisco

Yes, Eric has come Out Of The Closet.
I really like this picture!
We ate breakfast at some random restaurant...It wasnt very good! :( but oh well. We were STARVING!
Then we bought a 7 day cable car/bus pass and decided to go explore.
The man on the Cable Car made us do this. But i like it.
We made our way to Union Square.
It was really fun.
We shopped and explored.

Then we hung up our Christmas lights in our hotel room, thanks to jilly (my mom), and cuddled and watched t.v.

WE enjoyed our CHRISTMAS EVE!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Slash.....

This morning i was cuddled up next to the tree on Facebook (of course) and little SLashy-Poo was running wild as usual. I heard him under the tree shaking things around and thought nothing of it UNTIL i looked over and saw his furry little head sticking out of the branches. I was freaking out. It was hilarious. I called for Eric and he came running in and we sat and giggled for a while about how CRAZY our cat is. He's a cute little ornament isnt he?