Thursday, November 27, 2008

The 50 Things we're Thankful For (not in order)

1. OUR WeIRDo Families!
2. Our WeirDo BesteSt FRiendS
3. Our Talents
4. Bathrooms and going #2
5. Tampons
6. HVX Cameras
7. Christmas Trees
8. The mini aka Smalls
9. Paris Hiltons My new Bff
10. Luk Chang
11. Floss
12. XBox
13. Zelda
14. Cool Guy at the Club dance
15. weird people
16. being poor
17. neighbors who care about our cat
18. Dagger
19. Slash
20. Photos
21. Plastic Surgery
22. Target
23. Baby wipes
24. Crying
25. Banana Cream Pie
26. Hair Spray
27. Our Jobs
28. Pocket Knives
29. The Rain
30. Text Messaging
31. Fabric Boots
32. Glade plug ins
34. Facebook
35. Erics Confederate Flag speedo
36. The Banket.
37. The USA but not for Terroists.
38. the Clark mouth twitch
39. Family fights
40. energy drinks
41. Hawaii
42. Good Movies
43. Naps... oh naps.. how i love you
44. Chocolate
45. Our Religion
46. Our Primary kids
47. Laughter
48. Tacos el Yaqi
49. Chips and Salsa
50. My Apartment

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh HoW i MisS YoU

Dear Dagnar,
I love you SO much. I miss you with all my heart and soul. I miss the way you'd greet me when i'd come home from work. I miss you crawling into the fridge every time i opened it. I miss feeding you pepperonis and fruit loops. I miss you attacking me whenever i sat on the couch. I miss when you jumped on me with both arms and legs wrapped around my head and knocked my glasses off. I miss watching you eat crickets. I miss you pooping in the litter boxes when i was trying to clean it out. I miss you attacking my feet from underneath the bed. I miss you following me around EVERYWHERE. I miss you sitting by the toilet whenever i went to the bathroom. I miss you waiting by the bedroom door in the morning for me to open it. I miss you sleeping on my face in the middle of the night. I miss you biting through erics xbox headset and cell phone charger. I miss you running on the side of the couch like you were in the matrix. I miss the way you smell. And miss you climbing up on my chest when i was on the computer or watching tv and rubbing your head against my neck. And i miss you biting my neck to let me know how much you loved me. I miss you jumping on my back and hanging there...even though it really hurt. I miss you chasing lily around the house. I miss you dragging trash into the house. I miss you attacking me while i did pilates. I miss the way you'd play with our shoes and stick your head inside them. I miss wiping your little butt. I miss picking the sleepies out of your eyes. I miss when you'd slap bailey in the face. I miss when youd follow us out to the car and hop in and come with us while we ran errands. I miss when we accidently locked you and the keys in the car. I miss sharing Eric's energy drinks with him. I miss when your teeth would get caught on your collar. I miss when you'd sleep in the laundry. i miss when you'd hang on walls and trees. I miss you sitting on the porch in the sun for hours. I miss you SOOOO much it HURTS. Me and Eric love you baby!! You were the bestest baby in the whole world! xoxoxoxoooxoox. Thanks for making us so happy.

Your Mommy and Daddy

Monday, November 10, 2008

MiNi RaMp (project smalls)

All Right! Eric and his friends decided they wanted to build a mini ramp so they have started and almost finished it in just 2 weeks. They've put tons of time into it & I'm very very impressed! Its not finished yet..probably one more day of work and it will be done, but its getting there. Then after they've applied the masonite, Josh, our amazing artist-adopted-son, is going to paint the whole thing. Its gonna be awesome. I'm thinkin about dropping in on my razor scooter! :) We'll see. I dont want to embarrass the boys by being so awesomely good on my razor. Anyways...Me, josh, and Michele spent hours being supportive of our friends/husbands by sitting in the living room and watching tv...for hours...and hours....and hours.The End.