Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love you, Eric!
You're the bestest friend/husband anyone could ever ask for! You're perfect in every way. Thank you for making me laugh ALWAYS.. and Thank you for putting up with me through all my stomach aches and weird emotional attacks! :) Youre the handsomest man in the world! XOxoxoxoXOxoxoOXOx

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday Eric and I spent the day with jamie and jake at the hospital until jamie had her wonderful little baby! Let me tell you, having a baby does not look fun but its so amazing im gonna do it anyway! I'm SO EXCITED to have a new neice! Eric also captured the whole day on his awesome new camera.. if you want to see child birth in HD, you've come to the right place! :)


So....this past weekend was the worst ever! Let me count the ways:

1. Eric left town on Thursday night and didn't get home till Monday! i hate it when he's gone!

2. The night he left i spent the whole night and the next day having diarrhea and vomiting my brains out. (Food Poisoning from In N' Out) Ive never had food poisoning before and i only wish it upon those who deserve it!

3. I had to get up the next day after feeling like i'm going to die and do hair and i almost passed out/threw up on my clients head and had to have Julia finish it for me..

4. I was PMSing BAD!

5. After spending 2 days away from home i came home to no baby kitten!! I couldnt find him anywhere. My stomach hurt from being sick and it hurt worse from worrying about my baby. He never came home that night! i thought he was dead or someone stole him. I was hysterical...literally. I've never cried so hard.

Of course i called Eric while he was on his work trip and told him our baby was gone and we were never going to see him again ..so he made flyers on his break and emailed them to me and told me to print them out and put them all over our complex. So i started at the mail room and guess what? Some one had posted a note saying they had found our kitten.

From then on my weekend got a little bit better!

I know it doesnt sound that bad but it was seriously the most emotional, stressful, nauseating weekend i've ever had and i hope it never happens again!

This is Dagger after i found him on Sunday. I wouldnt leave his side, so i took him to my parents house for dinner!

And this of course was the Lost Kitten sign. I'm so glad he's home!!!! and THANKS jamie and jake and lily for buying him a tag. Now he'll never be lost again!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Session

Casey Treese and I made a plan to go out and skate, which we hadn't done proper-like in years, and wanted an opportunity to play with my new camera. This is just a fun vid... Too bad i didnt get a shot of the security guard booting us mid-session.
After this, we decided it's time to start skating again.

Camera Test - Little Skate Sesh from Eric Cannon on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why do i Love this devil so much?

These are just a couple of pictures i took of our baby yesterday. It was making me laugh so hard. He honestly is a nut case. I guess he fits into the family well! :)