Thursday, May 22, 2008

Erics 26th Birthday Bash!

K so Erics real birthday is on the 15th of May, but that was on a Thursday. So... we threw him a party on Sunday. Who doesn't like get togethers on Sunday? I know i do! Anyway it was pirate themed, and i mailed out pirate invitations like he was a 5 year old, but that made it even funner. ALMOST everyone we invited came, so it was a great party! Here are some pics to enjoy.


Eric's 2nd Muay Thai Fight

Weiner, Big Ron C, and CAC on support

Pre-Fight Bob Marley
To start off this blog proper-like i thought a recent experience should do just fine.
On Saturday, May 17th, i had my 2nd muay thai fight. Since this was my 5th organized fight, my pre-fight comfort level was at an all-time high. That doesn't mean that i was REALLY over confident, it's just that after a few fights, you realize that stressing and getting too much anxiety doesn't really help OR hinder in a fight. To me it all comes down to personal will power and effective training. Whether you trained great or not, pre-fight nerves should be the same, because you're at a point that you can't change your preparation. All the nervousness that i've had in the past has always just disappeared when the officials hand goes down to motion that the fight is on, so i think my brain is now trained to just get in and do what I know how to do.
This particular fight was the first time i had an opponent that generally seemed to be a really nice guy in the weigh-ins and actually made me think, "Man, i don't want to REALLY hurt this guy." I guess you can only control those thoughts to an extent when your goal is to win a fight.
The fight started off with some good action... I caught him with a big left hand and put him into the ropes. I flurried and got into a great combination until the ref jumped in and gave him a standing count, then i got kicked in the balls twice and got him in another flurry before the round ended. Second round i caught him hard with a combo and he ducked his head, trying to avoid a flurry... I popped his head up with an uppercut tried for a left but he moved his head over, so i landed a hard right hook, until he got one more count. He threw a few hard 'emergency' right hands that got me solid, so i decided to just see if i could end it. I got him into the corner and just let loose until the ref ended the fight. TKO second round... WOO-HOO. I went over and talked to my opponent for a minute while he was being cleaned up. It was then that i noticed his nose was bleeding pretty bad and his face was really marked up and bruised. He was a nice guy and i appreciate that he came from Arizona to fight... Losing a fight really is the best way to learn what needs work in your game, i hope my opponent can learn and get stronger in his skills for his next match.
I plan on staying in good fighting shape so that i can do, hopefully, once a month from now on, but we'll see how that all goes.
Anyways, here's some pics to keep this story lively.