Friday, August 21, 2009

R.I.P. my little hairy sister

Dear Bailers...
You were the cutest dog ever. I love you and will miss you sitting on moms lap while she went to the bathroom. Or sitting on her head when she was laying on the couch. I dont care what Jamie or Jake thinks you were a great dog. I remember when you were a little puppy and you'd hide under my bed and bite my feet. I loved that you would bite Jamies nose cause it was HILARIOUS. And i will miss when you'd get so excited when someone came home you'd run around the house and your feet would slip all over the wood. I also will miss when you barked whenever someone would yell "COME IN". I wont miss your really stinky farts and your bad breath, though. Keep little Dagger company and we will see you in the after life. xoxoxoxoxoxox.