Friday, June 27, 2008

Costa Rica - Day 5

ok day 5 was again a mellow day. In the morning we woke up and laid around until 1. Then we headed over to a new beach called Playa Grande where the surfers like to go. WE LOVE THIS BEACH. My pictures of it arent that great but it really is cool. The waves were going crazy, i dont know how anyone could surf in them..but it was fun to play in. We just got our tan on and body boarded and read our books. Just our everyday activities. Then we went out to eat at one of our favorite places-Maries. Clark and Kathleen and Eric went out fishing outside of our condo. Kathweiner got some really awesome pictures. Anyways thats all. Adios.

Erica is really good at surfing..look at that wave!
Costa Rica at Sunset
Husband and Wife
Playa Grande
Clark fishing
Eric and the Wein kayaking.
nice pic huh?
Beautiful Sunset outside our place.
The backyard/pool/ beach

This was taken right before me and weiner were swept away, literally, by a wave retarded
Playing in the waves!
Clark about to get a wave!

There is my handsome husband having fun. ...whoops just kidding thats Cade.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Costa Rica - Day 4

DAY 4! Quite fun. We all woke up at the crack of dawn (4:30), got dressed and headed out the door and on the road by 5am. We were all very tired and groggy. The drive was 2 and half hours long, and so we were able to see alot of Costa Rica. It was a super nice day. Really really sunny. Too bad we werent going to the beach,though..nope..we were headed to the zip lines!!!!!! Im not going to lie..the drive wasnt half bad but the other half was. We ended up driving for an hour on the bumpiest road in all the world, i kid you not. I don't get motion sickness at all, but i really thought i was going to vomit everywhere. We were all getting kinda pissed. Now looking back on it, it makes me laugh and makes the even more memorable. We also hit a really huge speed bump on the way, that got all of us in the back air born and slammed little michele into the roof of the car. HAHAHAHAHA. She was in the very back asleep when it happened and we were all pretty sure it knocked her out. FINALLY we arrived out our destination. We got all strapped up in our gear, played with the peoples dog (who's eyes are like erics), and headed up the mountain. We followed the guides behind in our car, then stopped half way and hopped into the back of a truck with everyone else. That was a bumpy ride too. The zip lines were so fun! Eric and I got to go together once and we went really fast. At the end of the zip lines we hiked down to a water fall and swam in it. The water was reallybrown ,but we were so sweaty it felt great to jump in. After that we finished one more line and rode back to our car and went home. I guess i don't make it sound as fun as it really was. The drive back home sucked just as much as the way there. When we got back to our place we all passed out for a couple hours, then went and ate and passed out for the night. We were beat. It was a perfect day.. and we got to eat at Burger King for lunch, which made it so much better. Anyways the concludes day 4!

i look hot in my helmet, i know!
i look hot with sweaty bangs, i know!
walking back from the waterfall!
The first zip line of the day!
People playing in the waterfall.
Eric and I in the water..
Kathleen and Michele getting strapped up.

the Cute puppy with Erics eyeballs!
Michele and Kathleen!
The Cannons!
Our crew!

My Boyfriend sending me off on my first zip line ride EVER!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Costa Rica - Day 3

Alrighty! Its day 3. The morning was beautiful. Me and Eric started play fighting and i hit him many times too hard so he punched me in the arm really hard back and i fell to the ground and started to cry. But after that i found this really awesome wet suit thingy and put it on. I look really hot in the pictures. Anyway after the whole exciting morning we headed to Sugar Beach to boogie board. Its located right outside a tiny hotel but it was really rocky and the boys didn't like it. We stayed for about an hour and a half and left. I tried to get some cool pictures of the boys boarding with Clarks water proof camera case but they're only alright. After the rain started we left and went back to our place and laid out by the pool, while Eric and Cade went out on the kayak again. Very mellow day. We took naps and lounged around for a while and then went out to eat at Outback Jacks. It was actually really good and really cute! I liked it alot. Its supposed to have a Australian Outback feel to it. its awesome. We were visited by another big dog while eating. Its crazy how much of a wonderland this place is for Cats and Dogs. Almost every night at dinner we are greated by some kind of animal. They just waltz right into the restaurants and no one cares. Its kinda funny...yet kinda gross. Anyway that was day 4. Peace out.

Front shot of the wet suit
Back side of the wet suit
The Cannons.
Cute girls.

This was the sunset for the day.

Eric Body boarding.
SHA BRA!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha. Me under water!
Some Costa Rican land.

Kathleen and I hanging out.

Eating out!
He's Really Selxy!
Me and The Wein trying to figure out what to eat.OutBack Jacks!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Costa Rica- Day 2


OK so yesterday was a really mellow day. In the morning everyone but ME went on a walk up and down the beach..i just sat on the beach and read. I'm not a walker. When they got back we swam for a little bit..but the weather was getting really really cloudy so we headed inside. Then Cade and Eric decided to take the kayak out and explore. I sat on the balcony and updated our blog spot while everyone else just kinda lounged around, read their books, and ate. After about an hour of cade and eric being gone it started to down pour. HARD! It was pretty awesome but eric and cade werent back yet. Finally eric and cade found their way back and they loved that it started to rain on their voyage. Later we headed down town a ways to the super market. (A bigger super market). We just bought a lot of snack food to make us fat during the day. After that we came back and were lazy again for hours and then the boys decided they wanted to boogie board before it got dark so i decided to go with them. It was fun..kinda cold..and still very cloudy. It rained off and on all day. When we got back and showered the lights went out EVERYWHERE! we decided that would be the best time for us to go out to eat. Unfortunatly the restaurant also lost power but that didnt stop us. WE WERE HUNGRY. The food was the best we've had so far..and it was kinda fun eating in the dark. Right when we finished our meal all the power came back on. hahah..whatevs. We came back to our humble abode and we unintentionally had a Barry White dance party. was really funny and fun. (i'm with a bunch of wierdo's that i really really like. ) Not a very interesting day but it was still fun.
cade and eric after their kayak trip
erics "cool guy at the club" face/dance
Barry White dance party. No mom, erics not really drinking!
Gnarly stink bug at the store.
The rain storm
This is where i get my prozac.
Costa rica