Friday, August 21, 2009

R.I.P. my little hairy sister

Dear Bailers...
You were the cutest dog ever. I love you and will miss you sitting on moms lap while she went to the bathroom. Or sitting on her head when she was laying on the couch. I dont care what Jamie or Jake thinks you were a great dog. I remember when you were a little puppy and you'd hide under my bed and bite my feet. I loved that you would bite Jamies nose cause it was HILARIOUS. And i will miss when you'd get so excited when someone came home you'd run around the house and your feet would slip all over the wood. I also will miss when you barked whenever someone would yell "COME IN". I wont miss your really stinky farts and your bad breath, though. Keep little Dagger company and we will see you in the after life. xoxoxoxoxoxox.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WoW i LoVe CrAigsList

Hi. A couple months ago i wrote this guy on Craigslist who was looking for a hairstylist here in town. I didnt know what i was really getting myself into (as usual) but apparently this guy has a business making haircutting DVDs and they were looking for a new Stylist to put up on the site. (ME) So they sent me all the info on how they wanted me to cut the hair and sent 4 models to the Salon. Might i add that the descriptions of the hair cuts were AWFUL and everyone in the salon was giving me nasty looks the whole time i was doing this! Anywho... I got to shave one of the girls heads, which was interesting. haha.. and the rest basically got this hair cut. :( Every time a new model would come in i'd put my arm around them and ask nicely.. "ok do you know what you're getting yourself into today?" and the reply was "no". None of them really cared about their hair except this poor girl. Her mom sat in the corner and cried as i cut off all her hair. But we bleached it out and made it all funky so she'd feel a little better. I wonder how she's doing with it now?!? Eric got to work with me on this one as well as the Cameraman. We havent seen the actual DVD but we stole these pics off the website. In the description below they put i was a "NEW STYLIST"..i hope they mean new to their website. At least they said i was Cute! :) Anyway i thought id share that with you. Pretty Funny Stuff i must say! P.S. her hair is in little pony tails at first because she wanted to donate them to Locks Of Love. ENJOY!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hair And Makeup By. Jessica Cannon

If you look closely you can see Erics head in the background!

Can you see that cute Hand Bag?!?! Super Cute!
Im sorry but i did great!
Behind the scenes, Yo!
Changing film.
Touching up the Make Up.
Only a camera and a little light.
This was the room @ the Flamingo....and my wierd looking butt.
Love this Picture!
Hi. So...i replied to this post on for a hair/makeup artist. I ended up getting called back by this Photographer James Van Alden ( and he says he needs a hair/makeup artist for a shoot he's doing for a friend of his, Lesa Wallace ( who designs amazing handbags. So long story short i met with him and showed him some of the hair and makeup i've done and Friday we shot Lesa and her Handbags in a suite at the Flamingo. It was amazing. I had lots of fun. The best part was that Lesa wanted to shoot a "behind the scenes" and so we called Eric and he got to come shoot with us. Super Fun!! When i see the final pics i'll post them up on here!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


is all talk and wont punch anyone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Is this Strange To anyone Else!??!?


Sorry to post two days in a row BUT this morning i was going through my Photobooth pictures and was looking at a picture of Slash i took yesterday while he was cutely laying across my shoulder.

So anyways while i was looking at that picture, i then came across one from months ago where Dagger is laying on my shoulder...SAME shoulder....SAME spot on the couch....DOING the same thing. Is this creepy or what? I swear Slash, sometimes, is Dagger reincarnated.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Was This an April Fools Joke?!

So i meant to post this amazing moment in my life, last week ,but i didnt get around to it till today. And I had to draw a lovely picture so that you'd understand exactly what it looked like. SO heres what happened...

Its April Fools 2009...i've been working all morning and i'm starving!!!! My friend Julia had come in to get her hair done but i told her i was so hungry so she had to come get a smoothie with me before we started her hair. We hopped in my car and were driving down Town Center. We reached the light at D.I. and as we're talking i look over and see a Creeper (man) in the left turn lane looking over at us. Of course i'm thinking "oh gross, get a life & stop looking at us creepy man!". The light turns green and from D.I. all the way to Charleston i realize this man has been following us. So he made an effort to get out of the left turn lane at D.I. and follow us. Whenever i'd speed up, he'd speed up, when i'd slow down,...well he'd slow down!!! I was starting to get really mad! I dont like Creepy Men! So as i turn onto Charleston and proceed into the left far lane he pulls up right next to us...and as i look over to give him a horrible nasty look...i see it...

YES, The creepy man was pukering his lips and had his leg kicked up on the dash so we could see his fishnet stockings and black pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia and I saw it at the same time and couldnt help but to start screaming!!!!! What in the World?!? Who does that?!? Julias theory was that he was going to abduct us and before he gruesomely killed us, he was going to paint our toenails.

Was someone playing a joke on me? Cause if you were, you've tramatized me for life! I thought these things only happen in movies!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Taking it E.Z. (An Eric C Weekly Section)

So, being that right now i am sitting in a chapel, getting everything ready for a week-long tour shooting Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices choir, i figured it would only be appropriate to talk about my career and where i am headed these days with it.
As you probably already know, i have been on my own trying to get things going for my own 'company' Illmatic Productions (which is just a fancy freelance title so far). The difficult part of finding work and getting started in this industry(video/film) is finding the demographic or niche that you want to hit. My dream, that i always expressed, was to make snowboard/skateboard videos. NOW, my mind has changed, although i am not at all opposed to shooting skate and snowboard stuff. In school they glamorize and make everything seem that FEATURE FILMS are what everyone is going to be making, but it's damn obvious that 90% of the people in film classes will probably not have anything to do with the industry upon completion of their degrees. The reality of film school is very grim. You're being taught film basics from instructors that have not made it in the industry themselves, therefore can't tell you what they KNOW in getting your career going. I was lucky enough to work with a production company for over a year shooting/editing/directing a monthly 30 minute program that was only shown on local access television, but taught me many valuable lessons that i needed to realize how to plan and carry out deadlines for things. The show wasn't good, but definately gave me a good foundation of things that i needed to have under my belt to work in this career.
I have a new dream in film/video... I would love to spend my life making documentaries. Right now i am in the beginning process of planning my first doc, and to make it happen, im going to have to score some funds(like a grant). If i can manage this, then ill be on the road to work full time on this documentary. The thing i love about documentary is the realities of life that they portray and the things about life that i can learn and experience in the process of shooting and editing. They still contain the basic storytelling characteristics of a feature film, but have more of a challenge to form out of real footage from someone's life. To pay the bills, i am taking on other video, such as corporate and even WEDDINGS(something i never thought i could do). I have to say i am very lucky that i have a rad wife that will support me in this whole difficult venture, but she has a good attitude which is definately helpful. Anyways, that's all i got for now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking it E.Z. (An Eric C Weekly Section)

So i figured i would start trying to throw down a weekly blog section with me just rambling some thoughts and goals and things, so that people could realize what life affords me these days.
1 week ago i had my 3rd Muay Thai fight (being my 6th legit fight of my 'career'). I decided to fight 1 month before the fight and i hadn't trained for a month and a half prior to taking the fight. The gym i fight out of is Master Toddy's, but i do have some friends i enjoy training with from the Warrior Training Center, which is kind of like our sister gym. Well this fight in particular was to be against a guy from Warrior, which kind of sucks, because sparring with those guys is one thing i like to do pre-fight. The next thing was this guy has more experience then me AND is a fellow southpaw(left-handed stance). I felt good about taking it, because from what i knew he is a really nice guy and sportsman, so i trained. When the fight arrived, i wasn't as conditioned as i have been in the past, which usually is one of my strong points, but getting laid off really has messed with my normal routine in things(mentally and physically). Anyways, my technique has gotten better over time and i went into this fight thinking about trying to work technically and try kicks and things that don't favor my trademark 'boxing and brawling' method, but could be beneficial to my progress as a fighter. So i went in and fought... This guy hit HARD and was a good fighter. Needless to say, we pounded on each other for almost 3 full rounds, back and forth. His conditioning was better than mine and being hit that hard enough times takes more wind out of you than normal. With about 10 seconds left he hit me with a hard knee to the body with the ref separating us when he came back in my guard wsn't quite up and he hit me with a hard straight left, bouncing me off balance off the ropes and buckling me to a knee and the ref called it with SECONDS left in the fight. I won't say premature stoppage because im not a ref, and i know i got hit hard. So i took a TKO loss. My point is not to relate the fight to everyone, but to let everyone hear out my thoughts on the aftermath, SO HERE IT IS.
Never in my fight career have i learned soo much from a fight. I was able to do things more technically than i ever had before in a fight. I had ONLY a tiny bit of nervousness right before, but was thinking clearly the entire fight. I had conversatons with my corners and stayed calm throughout the whole thing. Every new technique i had practiced was the basis for how i fought. I scrapped my old methods and did the new things my instructors told me. The only thing i didn't do were the things that i was too tired to do the last minute(due to conditioning). I have never been more proud of myself. Now if i can step up my conditioning and mix my old style with my new found technique, i know i have some good fights ahead of me.
Why i do Muay Thai(Thai Kickboxing) now and not MMA(cage fighting/ufc style) are 2 important reasons to me. When i moved back to Las Vegas to marry my wife i tried a few different training facilities and they all had similar vibes to them. Everyone's goal was to be a proclaimed "hard-ass". This can be a difficult thing, when you are a team and are there to make each other better. I experienced my first INJURY from someone i was training with, because he cranked an armbar SOO hard on me that it tore my pectoral muscle. If you want to know the lesson i learned that day, it sure as hell wasn't that he was really good... It was that people lack control and are stupid. I've never been a big trash talker with fighting sports, IT'S A SPORT!, not a rule-bound, legal version of Gangland®. So the MMA community got to me, and i was on a search to find something more my style. My borther and I checked out Master Toddy's Muay Thai and decided it was the spot. Muay Thai is an asian cultured martial art, with Thai instructor that emphasize respect and control. Master Toddy hasn't trained over 30 world champions for nothing. I now train as much as i can and have 2 specific goals in mind. 1) I want to win a belt(of any kind) and 2) I want to fight a full rules fight in Thailand. I dont plan on making a career of fighting, and i dont have anything to prove to anyone. I dont hate the world and i dont take ultimate pleasure in beating people up. For me the sport is a physical chess match and a good way to stay more relaxed in normal life situations and physically fit. Too many people talk trash about the way people perform in the ring, my only thought is if you're not going in the ring yourself, keep your damn mouth shut, cuz it takes quite a person just getting to the point where you're ABOUT to even get in and fight. As far as anyone who has a "LOSERS SUCK" attitude, i have no use for them. We all lose in life, it's what we take from our losses that matters. Anyways, i've rambled enough for now. I'll change the subject next week.

--Eric C