Sunday, July 27, 2008


HEY HEY! Time to Update our blog!! Last weekend Eric and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with some of our good friends. We had planned to go on this trip awhile ago, but then we decided not to go, AND then last minute Eric decides he wants to go again. So early, early saturday morning...around 5am we (keifer, megan, josh, lindsay, eric and i) pile in to Big Ron C's truck and make our way to California. Were were all so tired when we got to Six Flags but Luckily theres this thing called helps keep you awake when your tired! :) Eric loves Caffeine! OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU.. Eric has never been to Six Flags and this was his first time ever. It was so exciting.

The Park was really crowded, however, we were able to ride a good amount of rides. We only waited 2 hours in ONE line. The rest of them were only about 30 min - 1 hour. :) The day was sunny and hot but it was so much fun. At the end of the day we went to Chili's and indulged. By that time it was 10pm and we were all SOOOOOOOOOOO tired we wanted to die. We had planned to camp out at the beach or maybe even in a canyon but after driving another hour after eating we were all were getting so grumpy. We passed a hotel on our way and i just couldnt hold it in. I BEGGED to stay at the hotel and we did. It was great. It was the last available room and it just happened to be a suite. It was really skanky. There was a hot tub not only in the bathroom but in the middle of the room. Keifer and Eric of course decided it would be a great idea to bathe together. Unfortunatley i dont have those pictures! :( Dont worry though, they had their swim suits on.

In the morning and after a FABULOUS sleep...we headed to the beach. It was a good day. The weather was nice but a little over cast. I saw like 5 dolphins and a sea lion. Thats more than i've ever saw when i lived in Hawaii or when we went to Costa Rica. really bugs me that California's ocean water is SO cold. I didnt even go in.. I just cared about my tan. Everyone else went in, though. (cuz they're weird). Then we headed home. It was A grand time. ENJOY OUR PICTURES!