Friday, April 10, 2009

Is this Strange To anyone Else!??!?


Sorry to post two days in a row BUT this morning i was going through my Photobooth pictures and was looking at a picture of Slash i took yesterday while he was cutely laying across my shoulder.

So anyways while i was looking at that picture, i then came across one from months ago where Dagger is laying on my shoulder...SAME shoulder....SAME spot on the couch....DOING the same thing. Is this creepy or what? I swear Slash, sometimes, is Dagger reincarnated.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Was This an April Fools Joke?!

So i meant to post this amazing moment in my life, last week ,but i didnt get around to it till today. And I had to draw a lovely picture so that you'd understand exactly what it looked like. SO heres what happened...

Its April Fools 2009...i've been working all morning and i'm starving!!!! My friend Julia had come in to get her hair done but i told her i was so hungry so she had to come get a smoothie with me before we started her hair. We hopped in my car and were driving down Town Center. We reached the light at D.I. and as we're talking i look over and see a Creeper (man) in the left turn lane looking over at us. Of course i'm thinking "oh gross, get a life & stop looking at us creepy man!". The light turns green and from D.I. all the way to Charleston i realize this man has been following us. So he made an effort to get out of the left turn lane at D.I. and follow us. Whenever i'd speed up, he'd speed up, when i'd slow down,...well he'd slow down!!! I was starting to get really mad! I dont like Creepy Men! So as i turn onto Charleston and proceed into the left far lane he pulls up right next to us...and as i look over to give him a horrible nasty look...i see it...

YES, The creepy man was pukering his lips and had his leg kicked up on the dash so we could see his fishnet stockings and black pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia and I saw it at the same time and couldnt help but to start screaming!!!!! What in the World?!? Who does that?!? Julias theory was that he was going to abduct us and before he gruesomely killed us, he was going to paint our toenails.

Was someone playing a joke on me? Cause if you were, you've tramatized me for life! I thought these things only happen in movies!