Friday, August 21, 2009

R.I.P. my little hairy sister

Dear Bailers...
You were the cutest dog ever. I love you and will miss you sitting on moms lap while she went to the bathroom. Or sitting on her head when she was laying on the couch. I dont care what Jamie or Jake thinks you were a great dog. I remember when you were a little puppy and you'd hide under my bed and bite my feet. I loved that you would bite Jamies nose cause it was HILARIOUS. And i will miss when you'd get so excited when someone came home you'd run around the house and your feet would slip all over the wood. I also will miss when you barked whenever someone would yell "COME IN". I wont miss your really stinky farts and your bad breath, though. Keep little Dagger company and we will see you in the after life. xoxoxoxoxoxox.



Alicia said...

i'm so sorry for you guys! i know how sad it is.. my mom put kato down a couple years ago. i love bailey!

Brad said...

I'm so sorry for losing your cute Bailers.
Brad Fallon

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