Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hair And Makeup By. Jessica Cannon

If you look closely you can see Erics head in the background!

Can you see that cute Hand Bag?!?! Super Cute!
Im sorry but i did great!
Behind the scenes, Yo!
Changing film.
Touching up the Make Up.
Only a camera and a little light.
This was the room @ the Flamingo....and my wierd looking butt.
Love this Picture!
Hi. So...i replied to this post on for a hair/makeup artist. I ended up getting called back by this Photographer James Van Alden ( and he says he needs a hair/makeup artist for a shoot he's doing for a friend of his, Lesa Wallace ( who designs amazing handbags. So long story short i met with him and showed him some of the hair and makeup i've done and Friday we shot Lesa and her Handbags in a suite at the Flamingo. It was amazing. I had lots of fun. The best part was that Lesa wanted to shoot a "behind the scenes" and so we called Eric and he got to come shoot with us. Super Fun!! When i see the final pics i'll post them up on here!!


Lisa Allsop said...

Olan/Mills Photos by Deb I mean Jessica is coming alive! You're living your dream! I'm glad I could inspire you to do great things. :)

Lisa Allsop said...

Oh, need to make me as hot as this chick the next time you do my hair...and makeup. Maybe for my birthday this weekend! How much for both?

Alexis Treese said...

Wow!! Seriously she looks sooooo good. And I'm with Lisa- can you make me that hot too?

Megan said...

Ummmm....she looks damn sexy!!! you did an awesome job. You can do my makeup and hair anyday.